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All we want are Power8, Power 9, Power10, and Power11 processors

All we want are Power8, Power 9, Power10, and Power11 processors. With pluses between generations, of course. Так говорят в ИБМ и тратят кучу денег на участие в фабе производящем 450 мм пластины. И между тем энти голубые гиганты уже успели впарить правительству США пару суперкомпьютеров на основе Power 9!


100 с гаком петафлопов

We could guess at some extent architecture and performance on IBM's Power 9 processor for year 2017 in 10 nm SOI, after Power 8 in 22nm SOI above.
If history is any guide, then IBM will create Power 8+ chips using a 14 nanometer process in year 2015 with 50% more processors on the same chip area and Power 9 chips using a 10 nanometer process. This is something that IBM will not, of course, confirm.

Power 9 will mainly differ from Power 8 in HMC 2.0 memory support. Power 9+ in 2019 will implement it in 7 nm SOI, of course if SOI implementatioin is possible at all in 7 nm. We are at 22 nanometers now, and I think that everybody more or less agrees that silicon will run out of steam in a few technology nodes. We think it will be around 7 nanometers. I believe that the path to 14 nanometers is quite clear, and the path to 10 nanometers is also reasonably clear. I think the point of inflection will come around 7 nanometers, where we will have to think of a replacement for silicon, and at IBM we have been looking at this for quite some time.” Perhaps piezo transistors able to run at 4 Ghz clock but at only 0.15V. Squared, that means 50 times lower power consumption. Or 50 times more SIMULTANEOUS switching than with FIN FETs.
99% BAD HARDWARE WEEK: However Power 8 is outstanding and impressive itself alone. That is why Power 9 will power Summit supercomputer at stagerring 150 PFlops in the year 2017.
Intel follows IBM Power 8 lead with 6B transistors Haswell-EP 14-18C on the approximately same die area.

Министерство энергетики заказало парням из IBM "Саммит", которая будет установлена в the Oak Ridge National Laboratory к 2017 в штате Теннесси. Он предназначен сделать китайский Tianhe-2 примерно в пять раз. Другая более медленная система под кодовым названием "Sierra", предназначена для the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory в Калифорнии.

Вместе за эти системы им заплатят $ 325 млн и плюс 100 млн долларов для разработки "extreme scale supercomputing", или другими словами за проект exaFLOPной машины. Очевидно с таким гетом окрестным жителям горячая вода будет бесплатно :)



Compute Nodes 18,688 ~3,400
Processor (1) 16-core AMD Opteron per node (Multiple) IBM POWER 9s per node
Accelerator (1) NVIDIA Kepler K20x per node (Multiple) NVIDIA Volta GPUs per node
Memory per node 32GB (DDR3) >512GB (HBM+DDR4)
CPU-GPU Interconnect PCI Gen2 NVLINK (5-12x PCIe3)
System Interconnect Gemini Dual Rail EDR-IB (23 GB/s)
Peak Power Consumption 9 MW 10 MW
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