November 23rd, 2016


Кажется нашел источник вдохновения Пинчона:

Вот чего в ИБМах заменяло парткомы с профкомами и прочим!

Оригинал взят у kouzdra в Кажется нашел источник вдохновения Пинчона:

Many in the microcomputer industry resented
IBM's power and wealth, and disliked the
perception that an industry founded by
startups needed a latecomer so staid that
it had a strict dress code and employee songbook

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The routine business took an hour; for another hour the shareholders and proxies and company officers held a Yoyodyne songfest. To the tune of Cornell's alma mater, they sang:

Collapse )Короче говоря - узнал о IBM-овском корпоративном песеннике 1937 года:

Thomas Watson is our inspiration,
Head and soul of our splendid I.B.M.
We are pledged to him in every nation,
Our President and most beloved man.
His wisdom has guided each division
In service to all humanity
We have grown and broadened with his vision,
None can match him or our great company.
T. J. Watson, we all honor you,
You're so big and so square and so true,
We will follow and serve with you forever,
All the world must know what I. B. M. can do.

—from "To Thos. J. Watson, President, I.B.M. Our Inspiration"

We don't pretend we're gay.
We always feel that way,
Because we're filling the world with sunshine.
With I.B.M. machines,
We've got the finest means,
For brightly painting the clouds with sunshine.

—from "Painting the Clouds with Sunshine"

Marching Along Together;
Pushing on through thick and thin.
Marching Along Together;
Determination's bound to win.
We will exert more effort;
We will apply more thought.
Throughout the year we'll prove to all what really can be done;
We'll work together all of us—we've got the battle won

—from "I.B.M. Hundred Percent Club Rally Song"
Полностью это чудо есть по приведенной выше ссылке

PS: Навел меня на это диво поиск по цитате из Вики приведенной в качестве эпиграфа